Coached Workshop for PhD Students
La Valleta, Malta, 22-23 October 2018
 (Not your usual PhD symposium, this...)




…Are you enrolled in a PhD program related to today’s information systems?

...Are you and your adviser ready for a challenge that complements your present study?



Consider! The OntheMove Academy offers

  • sophisticated coaching and individual feedback by experts on your research plans and topic;
  • a structured opportunity to share ideas, experiences, hopes, … with fellow students and your future peers;
  • live training and improvement of your scientific communication and presentation skills (both paper and poster!);
  • face to face interaction with experienced faculty whom you already may know by their publications;
  • pre-event on-line coaching by OTMA Faculty in peer reviewing of scientific papers;
  • post-event assistance in guiding your paper to a publication-quality upload ready for LNCS Workshop Proceedings;
  • an opportunity to possibly see your professional interests in a wider context;
  • fun moments! alternating with work…


Feel challenged to submit... All accepted students will

  • enjoy dedicated critical personal feedback (also if your submission is not accepted!)
  • have ample opportunity to enter into scientific discussion and argumentation about their work;
  • be given constructive advice on how to improve their scientific writing and public presentation skills by experts of the OTM Academy;
  • be intensively coached in turning their submission into a final published paper after the event in camera-ready form, to be uploaded to the Proceedings Editors-in-Chief;
  • receive unlimited access to all OnTheMove conferences and workshops for a strongly reduced fee;
  • receive a detailed participation diploma stating OTMA activities that may be used to claim ECTS credits (subject to your institute's policies);
  • on individual request, receive a personal evaluation in writing;
  • see their resulting paper published after the conference in the well known Springer LNCS series.

For more details have a look at the OTMA Poster and consult the participation details pages



Tempted? Follow these steps...

  • coordinate your submission plans with your principal doctoral adviser- this is critical
  • particular, identify any OTM Conferences topics that do -or could- match your research; see Topics
  • pin a printed copy of this very OTM Academy Call for Submissions above your desk :-)
  • carefully prepare your submission according to the instructions; see Submission Instructions                                
  • upload your abstract, paper and your adviser's pre-evaluation form and recommendation;                                                             
  • await notice of your eventual acceptance-- note this will imply further homework and preparation instructions on your side!
  • and meanwhile… advertise OTM Conferences to your friends and colleagues.


Success? Yippie, now check what awaits you:

  • proudly inform your principal doctoral adviser, tell family and colleagues, tweet friends, abuse social media and throw a party;
  • go to our website and in the drop-down under Submissions, open the Attendance Preparation page. As you see, work starts nearly at once, long before our Academy event. In fact some of your work will continue after the event as well...
  • try to fit and complete these tasks into your normal workflow. Our Academy's mission is to make you grow as a successful student and future scientist, these tasks are designed to achieve that and your discipline gives us the best chance to success.

Unsuccessful this time? Of course we warmly encourage you to register as participants (same reduced fee, but access to OTMA and OTM Keynotes only). We guarantee it to be fruitful to observe and interact with presenting authors, to learn and expand your horizon, and to noticeably improve your chances for successful submission next yearin OnTheMove, or elsewhere of course.

Don't take just our word on all of this. Instead, read how previous OTMA graduates have experienced earlier editions of the OTM Academy !