OTM Academy 2015

The 12th edition of the OnTheMove Academy Workshop was held on Rhodes, Greece.


Four participants have evaluated the OTMA 2015 quantitatively (by giving some scores) and qualitatively (by writing up some lines comments).


Being in an early stage of my dissertation, the OTMA gave me valuable insights to my thesis and helped me to focus on important steps during this stage of my work.

- Martin Weißbach

The OTMA was very intensive training of a wide spectrum of scientific skills (writing, presenting (presentation and poster), reviewing, scientific thinking and scientific discussion). The faculty members were experts in the topics presented (at least one of the members), language, writing, presenting and reviewing and they managed to pass their knowledge and experience to us effectively.

- Margareta Ciglic

The family environment and the constructive feedback by Josefa, Maria-Esther, Erich and Peter gave me a great experience and really helped me to improve my PhD work. The subtitle does not lie: Not your usual PhD workshop ! Go for it !

- Philipp Grubitzsch

I just can recommend it. Priceless !

- Tobias Käfer



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Best Participation Award 2015


Each year we give a “Best Participation Award” to one of the participating Ph.D. students.


The jury are the OTMA faculty members, who take into account the accepted paper and poster, the presentations by its author, the level of participation and commitment by the PhD student, and the overall perceived improvement that (s)he has shown during the OTMA event.


This year's Best Participation Award was given to Margareta Ciglic. Congratulations Margareta!




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