OTM Academy 2016

OTM Academy 2016

The 13th edition of the OnTheMove Academy Workshop was held on Rhodes, Greece.


Four participants have evaluated the OTMA 2016 quantitatively (by giving some scores) and qualitatively (by writing up some lines comments).


I found the OTMA workshop very constructive and useful. The detailed feedback, individual improvement sessions, friendly atmosphere created an opportunity to focus more on important aspects of our projects and work productively during these two intensive and interactive days..

- Aygun Shafagatova

The overall experience was great. I received highly valuable input to my PhD topic as well as to my scientific skills and how to improve them. The workshop itself and its supporting program enabled lively discussions regarding our papers as well as other topics.
I can only recommend the OTMA to fellow PhD students.    

- Felix Burgstaller

It is amazing how well everybody knows each paper. In combination with all the presented soft skills, the very productive discussions continues in a very familar athmosphere after the scheduled time.

- Markus Haehnel

It is really not your usual PhD Workshop! You will receive challenging questions and remarks but in the end you will profit from constructive criticism on your paper and presentation in both content and soft skills. I especially appreciated the paper improvement session in which we could ask the experts immediately whether our changes really improved the paper or not. Moreover, we could ask the experts how to improve a certain thing if we had no idea. A final thanks to Maria-Esther, Josefa, Peter and Erich for spending their time reviewing and improving our work as well as passing their knowledge and experience to us.

- Markus Wutzler





Best Participation Award 2016


Each year we give a “Best Participation Award” to one of the participating Ph.D. students.


The jury are the OTMA faculty members, who take into account the accepted paper and poster, the presentations by its author, the level of participation and commitment by the PhD student, and the overall perceived improvement that (s)he has shown during the OTMA event.


This year's Best Participation Award was given to Felix Burgstaller. Congratulations Felix!




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