Final publication preparation

Final publication preparation


How to prepare your final publication in the LCNS Springer OTM Post-Conference Workshop Proceedings 


1. Adapt/rewrite your paper according to the comments by the OTMA Faculty


During the OTM Academy, you have received plenty of suggestions and remarks on the paper version you have submitted as "draft camera ready". This version is included on the OTM USB stick containing the (definitive) conference proceedings and the provisional workshop proceedings. You are given the opportunity to improve this paper and take full advantage of the earlier comments by the OTMA Faculty. Don't wait too long to start as you have about one month to finalise your paper. The entire OTMA Faculty, in particular the primary reader of your reader, is ready to assist and help you with this effort.

But it is up to you to take the initiative to contact them !



2.  Prepare a short accompanying letter explaining your modifications


To give you the experience of a journal submission/revision we ask you to write up a short, accompanying letter that succintly describes the major changes you've made to your paper. There is no need to be exhaustive. But in particular when you decided to ignore a suggestion by the OTMA Faculty, we'd like to know the reason. After examining the final camera ready version and your accompanying letter, the OTMA Faculty eventually accepts the paper for inclusion in the OTM workshop proceedings. You can send this letter to the regular academy email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



3. Upload the final camera ready version and the copyright form


You must submit the final result before the Workshops Final CR Deadline, about one month after OnTheMove ends, as this will be your actual, and only, paper to be published in the  OnTheMove Workshops and Academy Proceedings volume by Springer LNCS, approximately three months after OTM and OTMA.  Uploading the paper happens via the the OTMA paper submission site:, so keep your login and password at hand. And check again (and adapt) the copyright form in case you have changed the title or added an author.  Compliance to the Springer style remains necessary.  In case of doubt, have another look at the OTM workshop authors kit page.