OTMA Faculty Members

Many persons collaborate to turn the OTMA into a successful, fruitful and pleasant event.

  • First and foremost, the Accompanying Professors are respected researchers in their domain. They review the submissions, and subsequently work on the accepted papers to provide comments and feedback on the presentations during the OTMA. They are available during the entire session of the OTM Academy.
  • A program committee of reviewers, many of them belonging to the program committees of the OTM Conferences, complements the knowledge of the Accompanying Professors by adding specialized domain expertise where needed. Their feedback is aggregated into the notification of acceptance or rejection. However, within the context of the OTMA their comments will typically be more elaborate and have a more advisory character.
  • The Dean of the OTM Academy oversees the reviewing process and guarantees its quality and objectivity. He is a full professor or emeritus of internationally wide renown. In case of a tie regarding the acceptance of submissions, his vote is decisive. In addition, the Dean gives a general presentation on the PhD process during the OTMA, and also participates in the OTMA activities in his role of Accompanying Professor.
  • During the OTMA a dedicated communications expert provides suggestions and tips to improve presentation skills. In addition, one of the Accompanying Professors focuses in particular on the academic writing style of the presenting PhD students.
  • And finally, two organizing chairs take care of practical arrangements and the overall organization. They are experienced organizers of OTM and other workshops, including the OTMA. They participate in reviewing and discussions during the OTMA as well since they too are experienced researchers.