Josefa Kumpfmüller

OTMA Integrated Communications Chair



Contact details:


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European Patent Office, Vienna, Austria

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main subject:


Integrated communications

Having worked for the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for twelve years, Josefa has lived in several countries around the globe. She loves to communicate and network internationally, intercultural exchange is part of her daily life.


At the European patent office, where she works presently, Josefa has helped organising conferences. This led her to study Integrated Marketing Communications in which she obtained her Master of Arts. She helped improve OTM communication issues by interviewing keynote speakers and participants at recent OTM Conferences.


Josefa has had a lot of support from her advisers during her own studies and is looking forward to share experience and tips with you so that you can improve your presentation skills.


areas of interest:

intercultural exchange, international communications, integration


some hobbies:

travel, foreign cultures, theater, classical music, sports


something else:

Master of Arts Integrated Marketing Communications, OTM quality assessment